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Most businesses have thousands of critical documents packed away in boxes or filing cabinets—and thousands more, in digital form, loosely stored in files electronically. At CloudDOCX, we can help lighten the burden of managing all of those documents. We provide you with secure, permission-based, compliant electronic document storage. We do it all when it comes to helping your business lighten its document load.

Only CloudDOCX collects your hardcopy files, transports them to our secure facility, scans them to be fully searchable, shreds the paper documents, and gives you a portal to access those files securely from your computer or mobile device. We collect, organize, and store all of your electronic files on the same secure platform as well. Easy access to your company’s documentation will free you to do more blue-sky thinking. And take your business to new heights.

Simple, affordable setup

  • Immediate access to secure, personalized portal
  • No software installed on your computer
  • No additional hardware or capital investment
  • Highly affordable, low monthly cost

Robust document management

  • Full content search of every document
  • Simplified workflow
  • Collaboration and file sharing
  • Document version control
  • Large-scale file transfer
  • Permission controls to folder level
  • Built-in redundancy and geographic back-up
  • Improved, scalable storage
  • Better file organization, retention, and retrieval

Thorough cloud security

  • Encryption of data “in flight” and “at rest”
  • Access controls for user authentication and authorization
  • Seven firewalls separating server classes
  • Deployed on a Linux platform

Hello, searchable documents.
Hello, blue-sky thinking.

Digital and paper file management

  • We scan hundreds of boxes of files for clients annually, creating digital PDFs
  • Documents are organized according to a file taxonomy you design
  • Full text search enables easy recall of any file
  • Client digital documents are collected, organized, and stored in your
    own portal
  • Easily searchable by anything printed on the page
  • Respond to vendor inquiries quickly and accurately
  • Keep vendor files organized by year

Critical business document
organization and archiving

  • Keep a more accurate “System of Record”
  • Securely store contracts, accounting files, and more
  • Manage HR files of current and former employees


  • Create secure portal access to selected files for specific user groups
  • Build M&A deal workflow
  • Securely share information with financial institutions and accountants

Our infrastructure is best in class

Founded in 2005, Alfresco currently has thousands of enterprise customers while managing 7 billion documents, among 15 million users, in nearly 200 countries.

Ranked #1 in cloud infrastructure, Amazon comes with SOC 1 / SAS70 Type II Certification plus Safe Harbor Framework and HIPAA Compliance. Amazon provides 99.9 % uptime availability earning a reputation for reliability and scalability as well as geographic distribution.

Step-by-step integration.

Find what you need when you need it—including peace of mind. Easy access to your company’s documentation will free you to do more blue-sky thinking. And take your business to new heights. CloudDOCX exists for one reason—to lighten your document management burden. Let CloudDOCX establish a more accurate, efficient, and secure electronic document management system for your company. CloudDOCX makes the process easy:

Step 1: Secure totes, zip ties and manifests delivered to client. Totes are filled with files, bankers boxes counted and labeled, manifests created and electronic files are collected
Step 2: CloudDOCX has your totes and bankers boxes to our secure Scanning Center where all of the all totes and boxes are checked against manifest and the Scanning Center assumes security of your files
Step 3: The document prep, scanning, quality control, and audit process begins, where backup files are sent to a redundant, onsite server. The system also checks for any damaged or redundant PDFs that may have been created
Step 4: Scanned and electronic files are uploaded to client’s CloudDOCX site
Step 5: Documents head to a secure shredding department and your Certificate of Destruction is issued

Got all that?

When thinking about moving all of your documents to the cloud, it may not feel like five easy steps will do everything you need. But you have our promise that our kind of integration is the first step in making your document management life easier. We believe it so much, it’s worth giving you a FREE consultation and trial of our services on us.

Hundreds of millions of documents managed and growing,
with 100% customer satisfaction.

From coast to coast and beyond, mid- to large-size companies across a wide range of industries trust CloudDOCX to handle their electronic document management needs. Find a regional rep, or ask us for a free test drive today.

One of the nation’s largest real estate investment trusts, Home Properties, meets its business goals of managing and improving its apartment communities with efficiency and productivity. Turnaround time is critical for its accounts payable department. Previously, manual access to invoice and payment paper records had become increasingly difficult. Document storage had expanded well beyond file cabinets to massive numbers of boxes containing hard-copy records, all of which needed regular accessibility for tracking and retrieval.

The company was looking for more efficient workflow and accuracy of responding to daily information requests and audits. In addition to the need for improved response time, Home Properties faced expanding physical storage to accommodate the growing volume of records, much of it being offsite, which compounded the problem of efficient manual access. Home Properties engaged us for the upload of accounts payable records into secure electronic storage. Upon scanning and storing as searchable documents, management and staff now have access to their files within moments, made possible by the CloudDOCX full content search and retrieval. Strict access controls ensure all records are viewable by designated personnel only, at the discretion of management, and transmitted through a secure browser connection.

Furthermore, the constraints of physical space and remote offsite storage of paper records have been overcome, all with the added benefit of records being backed up redundantly across hosted data centers.

A national payroll processing firm found it difficult, time-consuming and costly to provide required tax services and records to their client base of 2,200 customers. They annually incurred hard-copy and labor costs with production and mailings. And when a customer called requiring a copy of a prior-year tax return, there were constant trips to the filing cabinet.

Our ability to provide immediate access to records with full text searching and rapid document location technology saved time searching for paper files. Today, clients themselves can securely access their records anywhere via the internet. The hard dollar savings accrued from minimizing paper, printing, collating, stapling, stuffing envelopes, mailing and storage, as well as resource costs, enabled an annual ROI payback over two quarters. Production costs were reduced by 60%, eliminating paper processes for distributing required records, and client adoption of the simple access, search and retrieval system led to positive feedback and increased value to the customer.

A nationally recognized community college engaged us to implement our web-based service for high schools to use when sending student transcripts and supporting documents into the admissions department. Guidance offices needed the ability to easily upload and then store any of their students’ records they’d normally be providing through fax. With CloudDOCX, these files are uploaded directly into a secure electronic vault for college admissions to view and access.

An investment advisor, who manages over $6B in assets owned by one of the world’s largest investment managers, was faced with two major issues: client response delays and paper storage problems. Client requests for information were handled manually, with hard-copy files accessed from a large onsite library by account administrators utilizing offsite storage. Turnaround time had grown to hours or even days for retrieving and providing client information relating to their portfolios, billing, legal and compliance requirements or correspondence.

Regulatory requirements dictated formal reporting on a regular basis as well. Compounding the problem of client responsiveness was the sheer lack of space for storing hard-copy records. The firm had expanded its physical space footprint and was exploring more costly facilities storage to accommodate the volume of records.

CloudDOCX overcame these costly and perplexing challenges. Upon scanning over 1,000 active client accounts and their paper files into secure repositories, client services reps, account administrators and portfolio analysts were now able to instantly access client records. All records are able to be retrieved and transmitted through a secure browser connection. Physical space constraints had been overcome, with library space now reduced. Remote storage had been cut in half as well, as retention cycles were now able to be securely invoked, along with the shredding of 8 tons of offsite paper records by a bonded document destruction firm.

Managing contracts and orders had gotten out of hand for the sales and distribution staff of a full-service energy company in New York State. Granted, the business is complex, since it provides fuel oil, propane and gasolines throughout the state via an extensive distribution network. Keeping up with paper records fell short in terms of timeliness and chain of control. Worse yet, the documents often lacked information, were inaccurate or illegible, and sometimes were lost altogether. And when it came to order processing, the paper process used mail, fax and overnight delivery services—all time-consuming and costly.

It was the perfect opportunity for CloudDOCX to step in. With the deployment of low- and mid-volume scanning within the remote sites, all documentation and forms tied to the order processing cycle are now electronically stored. More important is the electronic search and secure retrieval, not only within those branch locations where documents are captured and uploaded, but also headquarters. Burgeoning costs were replaced with instant access to order information for fulfillment, invoicing and accounting. References to contracts are also now performed between fleet drivers in the field, corporate reps and customers, as searchable PDFs have replaced paper versions. Furthermore, the proven document security attributes ultimately incentivized the firm to scan employee personnel and benefits records for controlled permissions-based access within HR administration. Space is no longer at a premium and rental costs have been cut back dramatically.

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